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Basic Principles for Christians to Achieve a Biblical Worldview and to Advance the Kingdom of God


If these principles are not developed and integrated into the whole, they become obstacles to a truly complete Biblical worldview.


The following are not ranked in any particular order of priority.

1. Fall on ours faces before God, seek His forgiveness, and ask for reformation.

2. Having a right understanding of faith.  How do you, Christian, increase your faith? What is faith?  Taking the mystery and mysticism out of faith.

3. Learn that “what is” is not “what ought to be.”

4. Make the Bible to be fully authoritative in every area to which it speaks.

5. Overcome failures of the true church of Jesus Christ for the past 170+ years.

6. Develop serious Bible study in churches and individual lives.

7. Stop giving science credibility that it does not have.

8. "Thus Says the Lord.  Repent!"

9.  The Bible Alone Is Not Sufficient

10. We do not accumulate and have readily available the best books and other resources that we can find.

11. Having a sense of God’s real presence in history and the present.

12. Turn off the television!

13. Redeem the Time: You Have More than You Think!

14.  Learn definitions!

15. Use and/or develop a systematic understanding of theology, ethics, and worldview.



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