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The Almost Complete Biblical and Christian Worldview


Table of Contents

Chapter 1: History and Providence

Events that Advanced God’s Plan for History

Puritans from Essay on Milton (excerpt)

History: The Great Deception or the Great Design?

Summary Principles

Chapter 2: Family, Marriage, Divorce, and Sexuality

Summary Principles

Chapter 3: Vocation and Career

Summary Principles

Chapter 4: Psychology, Counseling, and Emotions

Addiction As a Besetting Sin

A Definition of Emotions

True Guilt and Guilt Feelings:

Clearing the Confusion

Modern Psychology in the Church

Summary Principles of the Biblical Worldview of Psychology, Counseling and Emotions

Chapter 5: Creation

Population Control and the Creation Mandate

Summary Principles of Creation, The Fall, and The Flood

Chapter 6: Natural Science and Technology

Science and Technology: A Brief Review of Basic Biblical Worldview and Ethics

The Epistemology of the Natural Sciences:

False Objectivity and Inductive Reasoning

Natural Science: Summary Principles

Chapter 7: Education

Summary Worldview Principles of Education

Chaper 8: Medicine

Modern Medicine Under the Authority of Scripture

Regimen Forgotten: Prescription for Health

Worldview in Medicine: Choosing Life and Health or Disease and Death

Summary Principles of Medicine

Chapter 9: Civil Government, Law, and Politics

The Right to Medical Care Within a Biblical Worldview: The Declaration of Independence and

United States Constitution

A Biblical Perspective on the Problem of Illegal Aliens

Summary Principles of Civil Law, Government, and Politics

Chapter 10: Sociology and Social Justice

The Ecological Indian: Myth and History

Summary Principles of Social Justice

Chaper 11: Anthropology and Salvation

Heart and Head, Affections and Feelings, Edwards and Machen

Anthropology and the Religions of Man

Chapter 12: Economics and Business

Debunking the Politically Correct History of the "Robber Barons"

A Return to Hard Currency in Post-World War II

Germany and France under DeGaulle

Economics: Summary Principles

Chapter 13: Law, Love, Grace, and Justice

An Encounter Concerning the Practical Application of Love and Law with a Learned Professor

The Law (Known and Practiced) Before Sinai

Love, Law, Grace, Mercy, Justice, and Equity

Summary Principles

Chapter 14: Truth, Philosophy, Epistemology, Logic, and Apologetics

Unraveling the Concept of Logic

Epistemology: A Search for Truth Summary Principles

Truth: Concepts, Nuances, and the Holy Bible Comprehensive Review

Chapter 15: Saving Faith and Value

Regeneration: Born-Again, Born from Above

Salvation: Its Phases and Wonderful Fullness:

Often Considered Too Narrowly

Assurance of Salvation: Simply Considered

Chapter 16: Crime and Punishment

Crime and Punishment: Beginning Summary Principles

Chapter 17: Theology and Eschatology

In Defense of Systematic Theology and Biblical

Systematics in General

Principles of Hermeneutics

Chapter 18: The Church and The Kingdom of God

The Mind of Christ: Abraham Kuyper, John Calvin, and Biblical Theology

The Kingdom of God: Scripture Notes

The Church: Summary Principles

Summary Principles of the Kingdom of God

Chapter 19: Art and Communication

A Concordance Search of "Beauty" and "Beautiful" in the Bible

Art and the Arts: Summary Principles Ethics

Chapter 20: Biblical Ethics: Summary Principles




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