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Introduction to The Effective Christian Life:

How to Honor God and Bear More Fruit


This area deals with both practical and Biblical ideas that Christians have not been taught or they may have been taught incorrectly.  "As a man thinks in his heart, so is he!"  We cannot live effectively, which means that we cannot honor God or bear much fruit, unless we first think correctly (Biblically) and then act on that correct thinking.  Someone has said, "Most people live lives of quiet desperation."  That situation is true for many, if not most Christians.

God does not want us to live this way... we do not like living this way... we are minimally effective living this way!  So, I invite you to read over the principles in this area and compare your life to them.  I would appreciate feedback:


Time Management or How to Get Up Early

The Danger of “Quiet Times” and “Devotionals”

Assurance of Salvation: Simply Considered

Salvation: Its Phases and Fullness, Often Considered Too Narrowly

Work Out Your Own Salvation with Fear and Trembling

Are You Leading a Life of Quiet Desperation?

Self-Fulfillment by Serving Others

Redeem the Time: You Have More than You Think!




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