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A Listing of Some of the Great Scientists Who Were Bible-Believers

The following names were taken from Henry Morris, Men of Science: Men of God, (Creation Life Publishes, 1982).

Founders of Modern Science: Leonardo da Vinci, Johan Kepler, Francis Bacon, Blaise Pascal, Robert Boyle, John Ray, Nicholas Steno, Galileo, Robert Hooke, William Harvey, Christian Huygens, and John Harris.

The Age of Newton: Isaac Newton, Thomas Burnet, William Whiston, John Woodward, Carolus Linnaeus, Jonathon Edwards, and William Herschel.

Just Before Darwin: Michael Faraday, Humphrey Davy, Georges Cuvier, Timothy Dwight, Benjamin Silliman, Samuel F. B. Morse, Charles Bell, Joseph Henry, William Buckland, Charles Babbage, David Brewster, Matthew Maury, James Simpson, James Joule, John Herschel, and John Dalton.

Just After Darwin: Louis Agassiz, James Dana, John William Dawson, George Stokes, Charles Piazzi Smyth, Rudolph Virchow, Gregor Mendel, Louis Pasteur, Henri Fabre, Lord Kelvin, Joseph Lister, James Clark Maxwell, Bernhard Riemann, John Bell Pettigrew, George Romanes, Richard Owen, and Edward Hitchcock.

The Modern Period: Edward H. Maunder, William Mitchell Ramsay, Lord Rayleigh, Alexander MacAlister, A. H. Sayce, John Ambrose Fleming, Howard A. Kelly, George Washington Carver, Charles Stine, Douglas Dewar, Paul Lemoine, William Ramsay, and Werner von Braun.

The Revival of Creationism: Creation Research Society, American Scientific Affiliation*, Bible-Science Association, and Institute for Creation Research. (And other newer organizations.)

* American Scientific Affiliation cannot be trusted to be consistently, Biblically conservative. While they have papers and positions that are excellent, many hold a lesser view of Biblical truth and authority than is required for a Biblical worldview.


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