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#3 The Fullness of Salvation

My focus last week and this week is to expand your understanding of our "great salvation." Yes, we are saved from Hell, but we are saved from much more than that, and since heaven is future, our concern with salvation should be for the present.

Remember, we have been saved, we are being saved, and we will be saved. These are three phases of salvation. We need to know how we have been saved (justification and regeneration).

What we have been saved from is a life without meaning, purpose, is self-defeating, desires temporary pleasures, is afraid of death, does works of the flesh, and has strong negative emotions (sadness, anger, and fear) that we did not understand. For me, the major problem was guilt. As Pilgrim carried the huge burden of guilt, so did I! Then, God regenerated me, and it was gone. Perhaps, you should ponder for a few moments Ė what you have been saved from!

But, I think that our biggest focus should be on how we are being saved today. I fear that too many are missing the fullness of being saved. Are you joyous? Do you have a meaningful role in your church? Are you applying your spiritual gifts there? Are you learning new things from Godís Word each week? Do you have a ministry of mercy? Are you a peaceful person? Are you one of those Christians who know the language, but do not really experience the life?

If you believe that you are lacking something in your Christian life, get started today to solve whatever the problems are. Talk to someone whom you believe is more mature. Read that book that you laid aside that may have some answers. And, if you have never read any of his books, start reading something that Jay Adams has written.

I recommend The Christianís Counselorís Manual. It should be entitled, "The Christianís Practical Guide to Living." It has a Table of Contents that allows you to select where your problems may be. You can order it from or peruse the other books that he has written by looking over that list. He has had a profound influence on my life and marriage, and being able to counsel others.

Also, see more here:

Next week, we begin to look at faith. Likely, I will tell you at least five things that you did not know about faith. I have studied if for the past 20 years and learn something new every time that I study it. I have promised to keep these e-pistles short, so grace, mercy, and peace until next time


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