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Saving Faith - Part II*

We are exploring Saving Faith. However, we started with Generic Faith. The process of faith – the same process that we use in Saving Faith – is part of every action taken many times every day, based upon knowledge, with an expected result. That result may or may not happen because reality intervenes, sometimes unexpectedly and harshly.

But, the main point is that the process of faith is not some ethereal quality that only comes to Christians after a conversion experience. It is not some mysterious process that comes with conversion. It is the decision-making process of both Christians and non-Christians. Generic faith becomes saving faith in regeneration when the Bible becomes the source of knowledge for all decisions!

In regeneration (see Saving Faith -Part I or for a more complete discussion, see regeneration), trust in our own knowledge for every decision is changed to trust in God’s knowledge, presented in the Bible.

Of course, Christ is central in salvation.

But, the only knowledge of what Christ did for us comes from – where? Preaching? A friend who presents the Gospel? Our parents in simple explanation? Billy Graham Crusades? Where?

The source of all these means of communication about Christ, His Person, and what He has done is the Bible.

Some Christians say, "No creed but Christ!" Others claim a "personal relationship with Christ." Still others say, "WWJD – What would Jesus do?"

Again, the source for knowledge for any of these statements or question is -- the Bible.

I have two points. 1) Whatever knowledge that we have of God, salvation, or the Christian life comes from – the Bible. Let us not get fuzzy about impressions, intuitions, hunches, or feelings about what is and is not true. The Bible is our source of knowledge and truth.

2) We are back to faith. One key part of the definition of faith, in all that I have said, – knowledge. Regeneration changes the object and content of our knowledge from being self-dependent on our own study and experience to dependence upon the Bible.

Regeneration does not convey any knowledge, only the source of that knowledge -- the Bible.

Centrally, that knowledge is the role of Christ in our salvation. But, it is more ... much, much more… And, we shall explore that in later topics.

And, this brings us to the purpose of these Small Bites in Theology. Without some specific understanding of definitions, the Christian faith loses its power. I am trying to provide the simplest definitions that I can. But, they are definitions, and they do build upon one another.

"In the beginning was the Word…" The Bible is called the "Word of God." Words cannot be understood without definitions. I pray that you will learn them to increase the power in your life and that of your church.

*On this website is my Almost Complete Book on Faith which discusses these subjects more fully.



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