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Welcome to The Biblical and Christian Worldview for the 21st Century

You may be asking the questions, “What is a Christian worldview?” and  “What is a Biblical Worldview?” Our first purpose is to answer those questions by introducing you to a solidly Biblical worldview that is thorough, but one that you can quickly learn. We will design this site as a one-stop, complete worldview that accurately and coherently reflects the truth of Scripture. You can even skip this Home Page and go directly to specific Biblical principles of Worldview Areas.

God Confronts Culture: The Almost Complete Biblical and Christian Worldview

(448 pages—revised and expanded)

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The worldview book that summarizes this website. This book is not available anywhere else. All the Summary Principles of twenty (20) worldview areas along with selected articles have been compiled in this book. These Summary Principles allow you quickly to review a Biblical understanding in each area. Other books require that you read through page after page, and then you have to draw your own summaries and conclusions. A detailed Table of Contents allows you easily to find the subject in which you are interested.

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The first link in each Worldview Area begins with Summary Principles so that you can get a quick overview. Then, a discussion of these summary principles follow, so that you know how these Principles were derived. Our Glossary is another way to get a quick overview of the issues, as well as provide definitions. The Glossary is designed to be consistent with a Biblical worldview, based upon the truth of God’s word, and to provide links for more development of terms and areas. It is essentially a summary of worldview within itself. Then, you can go on to the full development and discussion of each area from the links that follow. Our target audience is the thinking high school and college student or the adult busy with career or home who wants the essence of a Biblical and Christian worldview that is true to its Biblical basis.  This site is perhaps the most complete summary of worldview on the web, but we are continually working to make it better.

We hope that this education will lead you to a complete reading of this website, as our second purpose, is to develop each Worldview Area as fully and completely as possible, according to the simplest, clearest, and unified principles of Biblical understanding. Even as we try to be complete, we will not try to overwhelm you with unlimited discussion or articles, giving you summary principles and brief discussions. We will provide links, if you need to go into such depth and breadth as to write a term paper, doctoral dissertation, or just want a broader and deeper study in some worldview area. We hope that you can find a complete worldview that is yet concise. If some sections are not concise, it is because we believe that the issues cannot be summarized any further without compromising ideas, concepts, or completeness.

Basics of a Biblical Worldview become obstacles to that same worldview, if not implemented into one’s life. There are some basic principles that are necessary to a complete Biblical worldview, to make progress in its development, and to remove obstacles that prevent its being seen clearly. See the left hand column here for the link to those basics and obstacles.

Homeschoolers and college students: You should find this site exactly what you need. I have spent more than 30 years reading and studying Biblical truth and the best theologians in print without a seminary degree. This site is the culmination of that study. Soon, my list of best resources will be posted. I have found it quite amazing that with the thousands of Christian books that have been published, few are really what the layman or the theologian needs, especially for a Biblical or Christian worldview (Biblical ethic or Biblical ethics). I believe that seminary students will find solid and useful summaries here, as well.

My third purpose is to be open to challenge by others. We believe that the mind of Christ is the mind of individuals within the Church past, present, and future. “In (Christ) are hidden all the treasures of wisdom and knowledge” (Colossians 2:3). All knowledge and principles must cohere within the unity that is God (“The Lord, our God, the LORD is one” – Deuteronomy 6:4) and His Creation. Abraham Kuyper most fully envisioned this Mind of Christ. We will utilize the articles, books, and websites of others in this pursuit of the mind of Christ.

You can begin to understand such a worldview, right now, with our title, “The Biblical and Christian Worldview for the 21st Century,” as an introduction to our Domain Name. You can get a quick idea or overview of what a Biblical and Christian worldview consists.


For every concept and principle on this website, we set forth the challenge that it is Biblical, under the best principles of Biblical understanding (Hermeneutics). If you disagree, email the editor and we will consider it. We may not respond to every submission, depending upon the volume, its substantive nature, and its Biblical consistency.

While we set forth the best Biblical principles, as best we understand them, we are not building our worldview as individuals. We build upon the shoulders of other Biblical scholars from the Church Fathers of the early centuries A.D. to those of today. (See Kuyper, above). We will offer many links to articles, books, and other websites. For more on “The.”


The Bible is the very Word of God written: infallible, inerrant, and as fully authoritative as its Source, the Holy Spirit of God (II Timothy 3:16-17). For more on “Biblical.”


Ah, here’s the rub. All those who believe that the Bible is infallible, inerrant, and authoritative for faith and action are Christians. But, all “Christians” do not believe the Bible in this way. Every discussion that claims to be “Christian,” as in “Christian” Worldview, is not necessarily Biblical. For more on “Christian.”


A word, derived from the German, weltanschauung. Worldview is the lens or grid through which we interpret the world, the universe, and every principle of what is right or wrong with all individuals, families, cultures, and nations. For more on “Worldview.”

21st Century

These Biblical principles are timeless, but they do have a particular application to each time period and culture of history. For more on “21st Century.”

We provide different levels of worldview presentation. This website is a triangle with its peak pointed to the sky. At the top is this Home Page and our Principles of Worldview areas, allowing you to get a quick overview of what is here.

As one progresses deeper from the peak, there will be both a broader and deeper presentation of a Biblical worldview for a quick overview, progressing to a complete Worldview.

Level 1: This Home Page, as Introduction.

Level 2: Further explanation of the words of the title of this website. (See links above.)

Level 3: Summary Principles of Worldview Areas (first listing under each Worldview Area) — current priority to place on this site.

Level 4: Articles under Worldview Areas that develop the fullness of worldview for specific areas.

The Glossary is virtually a worldview within itself.

Bible Translation: Unless otherwise noted, Bible verses quoted are the New King James Version.

Personal: I believe that Christians are not as effective as they might be, by not fully understanding of what their great salvation consists and being creative to apply Biblical principles to their lives personally. Therefore, I have added the section, The Effective Christian Life.

As a triangle, the website is also an iceberg designed to sink un-biblical worldviews, whether by humanists or Christians. Underneath the peak is the huge, rich, and in many ways, untapped “riches of the wisdom and knowledge of God.”