In the following discussion, the reader will note that the problem of illegal aliens has been created by the State (federal and state government) and cultural policies that already exist. Note the overlap of many worldview areas: economy, sin, matters of the heart, law and social justice, licensing, charity, education, etc. The problem of illegal aliens is not just a problem all its own. It is mostly, if not entirely, created by all the unbiblical polices and practices that are common in the United States.

The following is only a preliminary, virtually an “off the cuff,” presentation of the issues. But, the reader will note that all of these issues have been addressed throughout this website. And, few people are addressing this problem on a Biblical basis.

    1. State welfare in its myriad, if not medusa-like, forms must be progressively stopped.There is no Biblical warrant for State welfare. (See welfare.). The major issue of absorbing illegal aliens into the American economic system has been their cost to the welfare system. This system includes state-sponsored schools, medical care (especially emergency rooms, emergent hospital admissions, and Medicaid), the myriad of “entitlements” (aid to children, pregnant women, single-parent families, workman’s compensation, etc., etc.), and many other programs.

Churches need to be increasingly involved with true welfare. For the most part, the church has turned it responsibility for charity over to the state. Numerous deleterious effects have occurred because of this neglect. (A) Churches have lost status in the community. (B) Churches have lost purpose and work for their members. It is the problem that Francis Schaeffer called “personal peace and affluence.” A “personal relationship with Christ” (poorly understood) and recruiting others under this rubric (disguised as evangelism) has become the virtual endpoint of Christian experience.

(C) Charity (welfare), properly administered, includes a strong component of morality and evangelism. Charity includes moral instruction of family responsibilities, such as, marital fidelity, moral instruction of children, and responsible work for all but the crippled. Evangelism provides the only real hope for change in regeneration. So, not only is immediate help provided, but the accompanying moral instruction moves those helped towards independency and being socially responsible. State welfare only creates dependency, and worse, an entitlement attitude that often boils into rage and resentment. Charity by the Church and welfare by the State contrast starkly. One builds up, the other destroys individuals, families, and eventually, ordered society.

    1. Do away with the minimum wage. A minimum wage pushes these workers into unemployment and into all the “welfare” schemes above. This movement is a double drain on the economy, as workers for “low end” jobs are not available, increasing costs of the goods and services in these areas. These potential workers then move from being workers and producers to drains on the welfare system, and even into crime because their “idle hands being the Devil’s workshop.
    2. Redefine U.S. citizenship to exclude babies born of illegal immigrants. The concept that babies born in the U.S. are automatically citizens of the United States is a noble and right onefor parents who are citizens. But, granting citizenship to children of criminals (“illegal immigrants”) is easily arguable as beyond the intention of this statute.
    3. Stop foisting the enforcement of illegal immigration onto employers. It is the State’s job to handle all things that are illegal.
    4. Require some penalty for second offenders who sneak into the U.S. They could be kept in work camps until they had paid for the cost of their capture and incarceration, working at some minimum wage. Or, they could make fencing for the border!
    5. Require English for all civil proceedings. Certainly, one can make the case that the bilingual movement of the last few years has been caused by the sheer numbers of illegal immigration. Making Spanish available to all facets of society is a capitulation to an illegal activity. Thus,these illegal immigrants are winning — they have the power to turn us into a bilingual society.

Worse, it is a capitulation to one primary basis of unity for Americans. For any culture to exist, it must have some basic kinds of unity that provide grounds for basic communication and morals. The eventual fate of multiculturalism is anarchy and/or the rise of some tyrannical power that seizes the weakness brought on by fragmentation of cultural groups. Bilingualism is one major pillar of unity that has been demolished.

Who rules here? Who should be given prior consideration? Illegal aliens or law-abiding citizens? The answer should be obvious to anyone who has any sense of law and order and of a just society.

    1. Deny voting rights until the second or third generation of citizenship.That is, newly naturalized citizens would not have all the rights of citizenship, but their children or grandchildren could. Learning a culture and being absorbed into it takes time. (Of course, we are rapidly losing any cultural unity of any kind. See discussion at the end of this article)

We were once a largely Anglo-German-Christian culture. Thanks to massive changes in immigration law under John Kennedy, we are becoming a polyglot with inadequate cultural glue to hold us together. We are not going to make millions of Mexicans into productive, time-valuing, and self-governing citizens overnight. Illegal aliens are going to make us into a syncretistic Roman Catholic-pagan, graft-ridden culture.

The only real glue that will hold all nations and cultures together is Biblical Christianity, best manifested in the Reformation and the common laws of England that became the Constitution and early laws of this country. Everything else is a tower of Babel.

An historical example occurred in South Africa. The Calvinists of Natal and Orange Free State allowed the Zulus and others to enter (the land was largely vacant as the Dutch entered it) in order to have cheap labor for their ranches and mines. They were soon outnumbered eight to one and lost their nation to them within our lifetime. Had the Boers allowed much more gradual immigration and evangelized them as they settled, then they would have retained ownership of their country. The reader should note that economic greed was the incentive that eventually destroyed their state. Do you see any application to the problem of illegal immigrants in the United States?

(Actually, the Boers let the British come in to work the mines, which gave Britain an excuse to invade and defeat them, and then Britain encouraged the Zulus, Mashonas, and others to immigrate.)

    1. Legalize the possession and use of narcotics.Without the financial incentive, their use would decline, but not disappear. The border patrol now estimates that well over 90 percent of all drugs smuggled into the U.S. are undetected. Narcotic abuse is a matter of the spirit and heart. Narcotic smuggling is in commensural relationship with illegal immigration. Of course, State programs to treat “addcition” would have to be abandoned, as well.
    2. Gradually return the nation to a gold and silver standard.This move would deny the State’s ability to stimulate the economy artificially and decrease the lure of Mexicans into over stimulated areas. This principle is one of the most basic to economics.
    3. Slowly reduce all government support of education at all levels.Many students are enticed to stay in educational tracks beyond any need of the economy for their degree of training. Perhaps, more would consider becoming competent chefs, masons, carpenters, electricians, tailors, and other valuable and necessary occupations that do not require college degrees, especially at the post-graduate level. These mid-level vocations would displace some less qualified people into more menial jobs, leaving less room for immigrants.
    4. Stop industrial subsidies of industrial farms.For example, tax dollars allow the semi-desert central valley of California to grow rice, lettuce, and other water-intensive crops, using expensive federal water distribution programs. Smaller farms would be able to use local resources, if they did not have to compete with these federally subsidized farms.
    5. Stop all government welfare, health care (except life-threatening emergencies), maternity care, education, and any other benefits for illegal immigrants.This system is doubly disastrous. First, there is the unbiblical concept of State welfare in itself, a common theme of a truly Biblical worldview. Second, what serpentine manner of reasoning can justify welfare for criminals?

We should not refuse immigration! The above steps would encourage people who want to come and become a part of the fabric of the nation. Currently, we have people who come and share in our (fake) prosperity and then use their income to fund all manner of nefarious activities, including Al Qaeda.

But, will we even continue to be a nation? The prior question is, “What is a nation?” Most nations did not even exist prior to the mid-nineteenth century when the nationalist fervor began in Europe, in Russia, and in the United States with Abraham Lincoln. Nationalism cannot tolerate the diversity of cultures. Thus, the political correctness of modern times. Diversity, for all its arrogance of inclusion, is ultimately an adoption of sameness: big and centralized government, homosexuality, sexual promiscuity, hedonism, individualism (within allowed tolerances), that is, all principles of Biblical Christianity. True diversity is ultimately anarchy. That situation is upon what the United States is teetering.

Biblical ethics and law that emphasized the family, the Puritan work ethic, free capitalism, and one language (that happened to be English) is what built and has held this country together. With the destruction of law, the family, and an anti-God attitude, what held the U.S. together is rapidly dissolving. What will be left will either be a tyrannical state, a merging of Mexico, Canada, and the U.S. into one such state, or several groups of states that form on the basis of common language and culture, for example, a group of Mexican states in the Southwest, a black group in the South, and a Midwestern conservative state.

The primary hope of the United States, as we have known it, is a Reformation among the Christians of this country that know sound theology, solid and comprehensive Biblical ethics (worldview) and law, and a community of love and mercy to those within and without the Church. That is the goal of this website and other worldview ministries.