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The Battle of Iwo Jima Begins, 1945

Week of February 19
Seventy-nine years ago, the battle for Iwo Jima began in the Pacific Theatre during World War II. It was fought during the last year of the war and the final push for victory extracted a brutal toll...

The Battle of Iwo Jima Begins, 19452024-02-24T19:45:20+00:00

Admiral Gaspard de Coligny Is Born, 1519

Week of February 11
In times of persecution, many of our heroes of the faith proved they were men of perseverance, men who mounted eloquent apologetics, who defended the innocent from slaughter...

Admiral Gaspard de Coligny Is Born, 15192024-02-13T20:34:57+00:00

Robert Burns Is Born, 1759

Week of January 21
On this date, all over the globe, in royal grandeur and in humbler abodes, “Burns Night” is celebrated. Toasts are drunk, verses recited, odes offered to the famed haggis, and...

Robert Burns Is Born, 17592024-01-25T18:11:06+00:00

Queen Wilhelmina Sentences a Traitor, 1948

Week of January 7
On January 8, 1948, having been condemned to death for treason against her country, Madame Anna “Ans” van Dijk made a final appeal for...

Queen Wilhelmina Sentences a Traitor, 19482024-01-15T23:47:46+00:00

Samuel Pepys’ First Diary Entry, 1660

Week of December 31
With this inauspicious summary of the state of things, so began the diary of Samuel Pepys who would, in an astounding twist of providence, prove our greatest contemporary...

Samuel Pepys’ First Diary Entry, 16602024-01-01T22:16:42+00:00

The Christmas Truce, 1914

Week of December 24
Entering 2024, we will soon mark the 110th anniversary of the commencement of the First World War—“the war to end all wars”. In 1914 the nations of Europe collectively...

The Christmas Truce, 19142024-01-01T21:48:01+00:00
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