Possibly the most important article for the survival of Western civilization

In both secular and Christian publications, one often hears such phrases as “faith-based organizations,” “peoples of faith,” and “the religious and irreligious.” The implication of these designations for Christians, however, is to admit defeat before ever engaging in battle. Throughout history there has been an antithesis between faith and reason. If one group is “faith-based,” then by default the other is “reason-based.” When presented in this way, those who are “reasoning” have virtually already won the argument. “Everyone” knows that to reason is better than to have “faith.” At least that is how the argument goes in the public square. Thus, I will present that Christians must continually and broadly begin to demonstrate that every person acts by faith—secularists, Christians, and those of any other religion.

Of course, to most Christians today, they have already admitted defeat. They do not want to “polish brass on a sinking ship.” But at least they ought to recognize that they have not upheld the honor of Christ, by allowing his followers to be placed into a category of irrationality. Then, there are those Christians who seem intent to invite persecution. They conclude that secularists have won the political and cultural battles. The only thing left is to accept persecution, being brave martyrs. After all, Tertullian said that “the blood of the martyrs is the seed” (of the church). The more persecution, the more that the Church grows—by this brand of reasoning—more irrationality.

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