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The Kingdom of the Son of Man: Exploring the Foundations of a Biblical Philosophy of History

Nishanth Arulappan


Developing a biblical philosophy of history begins with the nature of God, and His attributes with regards to His omnipotent control over all dimensions of time, and His omniscience that guarantees future outcomes. While a biblical philosophy of history might have areas of overlap with the philosophy of time, they are not synonymous; and a nuanced treatment of the former mandates exegeting several passages that touch on eschatological topics. Such a broad scope is beyond the purpose of this present article. Therefore, this essay will be focused on understanding God’s purpose in history – to what end is God directing history? How does the Kingdom of God interact with the various events and elements in world history? Based on a limited exegesis of relevant passages (primarily focused on Daniel), we will build our understanding to see how the Kingdom of the Son of Man – the Second Adam – differs from the rest of the kingdoms of earthly origin, and how the exaltation of Christ is the purpose towards which all events in history are ordained. We will conclude with practical observations on how, as Christians – with our citizenship in heaven (Philippians 3:20) – we are to relate […]

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Fighting for Truth in Climate Science (and Climate Change) Is Important

Over more than 30 years of studying climate change, reading hundreds of reports, studies, white papers, commentaries, and news stories on the topic, during which time I’ve written hundreds of thousands of words on the issue, I have come to a few firm conclusions: Climate change is happening—slowly, modestly, but happening; humans may be contributing to it, though whether they are the dominant or even a primary cause is an open question; and there is no evidence so far that climate change is producing dangerous results.

In addition, there is no reason for believing—outside of flawed computer model projections and mantra-like repeated claims from those who in some form or fashion profit from stoking climate fear, in terms of money, resources, power, or all of them combined—that climate change or the human greenhouse gas emissions (and associated fossil fuel use) that are supposedly causing it, pose an existential threat to humankind or the environment.

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What Was the Christmas Star?

Around the Christmas season, it’s always interesting to see even secular news sites paying special attention to the account of the birth of Christ in the Gospels. It’s not that they believe it really happened, but they know it still captures the imagination of their readers and generates clicks—so they continue to write about it! Take this headline from a pop science site: “Was the Christmas Star a Real Astronomical Event?

Also, see a video here…

By |December 29, 2023|

Does Science Really Contradict Scripture? Eleven Principles for Apparent Tensions

ABSTRACT: Thoughtful Christians familiar with the claims of modern science recognize apparent disagreements between the Bible and scientific claims. Many of the biggest tensions, however, arise not from the findings of science but from the philosophical assumptions of non-Christian scientists. For the tensions that remain, Scripture offers principles for wisely navigating them in ways that honor God’s revelation. In the end, because God is consistent with himself, all apparent disagreements are just that: apparent. And until we find their resolution, God has told us all we need to know in order to trust him.

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The Standard for Christian Nationalism

As I have been observing the debate over Christian nationalism deve . . . well, develop is not really the right verb. Stagger is more like it. As I have watched the debate over Christian nationalism stagger around, perhaps toward resolution, a few thoughts have occurred to me from time to time. Actually, one basic thought has occurred to me over and over and over again, and so naturally I thought I should tell you about it.

All ethical judgments, in order to be ethical judgments, require a transcendental grounding. Otherwise, they are not ethical judgments at all, but rather just the opinions of some guy, or maybe some other guy. …. They are just the burbling of certain protoplasmic chemicals, reacting as they always would under these conditions and at this temperature. Whatever the case, they have no authority over me at all. Neither do they have any authority over us, us being the body politic.

Again, in order to be an ethical assessment at all, it requires transcendental authority. In short, there is no ethical authority whatever without a “thus saith the Lord.” Our secularist experiment functioned for a time as though we could do without His Word, but this was merely a sensation—akin to the […]

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