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The Standard for Christian Nationalism

As I have been observing the debate over Christian nationalism deve . . . well, develop is not really the right verb. Stagger is more like it. As I have watched the debate over Christian nationalism stagger around, perhaps toward resolution, a few thoughts have occurred to me from time to time. Actually, one basic thought has occurred to me over and over and over again, and so naturally I thought I should tell you about it.

All ethical judgments, in order to be ethical judgments, require a transcendental grounding. Otherwise, they are not ethical judgments at all, but rather just the opinions of some guy, or maybe some other guy. …. They are just the burbling of certain protoplasmic chemicals, reacting as they always would under these conditions and at this temperature. Whatever the case, they have no authority over me at all. Neither do they have any authority over us, us being the body politic.

Again, in order to be an ethical assessment at all, it requires transcendental authority. In short, there is no ethical authority whatever without a “thus saith the Lord.” Our secularist experiment functioned for a time as though we could do without His Word, but this was merely a sensation—akin to the sensation of flying that was felt by some inventor kid with Batman wings who jumped out of the hayloft.

The remainder of the article is here.

By |August 10, 2023|

They’re Going to Need an Older Universe (or Creation)

They tell you to trust the science. But remember, science is observably less reliable than a coin flip.

Our universe could be twice as old as current estimates, according to a new study that challenges the dominant cosmological model and sheds new light on the so-called “impossible early galaxy problem.”

The work is published in the journal Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society.

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By |July 27, 2023|

Thoughts on Cultural Analysis at Westminster Seminary

by Vern Poythress

What is public theology? Should Westminster Theological Seminary be involved in public theology, and if so, how? I would like to suggest a possible foundational framework for public theology and pastoral leadership. The framework would suggest ways in which the unique cluster of resources that WTS has inherited might be used in the service of public theology.

Resources at WTS

Many quarters of evangelicalism would like to engage in a theology related to the “public sphere.” But WTS has a depth of resources that make it valuable to think about what might be our distinctive contribution. We have a rich theological heritage in Reformed theology. We have a rich heritage of redemptive-historical interpretation of the Bible, and the use of biblical theology (from Geerhardus Vos and his followers). These potentially provide further depth in interacting with contemporary controversies. We have Van Tilian apologetics, which provides a framework for critical analysis of ideas coming out of the surrounding culture. Apologetics also instructs us on how to communicate with those who disagree. Finally, our heritage in biblical counseling, and its interaction with psychotherapy, gives us one key example of how fruitfully to interact with a cultural issue in a biblically grounded way, and not to lose our bearings in the process.

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Updated History Lessons

New history lessons are being added periodically.  If you have been checking only these “New Posts,” don’t forget to check the ongoing “Updated History Lessons,” also.  The tab may be found immediately below the one for “New Posts.”

By |June 1, 2023|

17 Reasons Why it is Irrational to Trust the Medical Community Regarding the Covid Vaccines

17 Reasons Why it is Irrational to Trust the Medical Community Regarding the Covid Vaccines

Public health policies over the past two years have failed to curb covid at all but wrought unmitigated societal devastation. What exactly have they done right?

The medical establishment simply cast aside all evidentiary standards (in favor of a particular political agenda); this means that the medical establishment’s culture is against objectivity in science, and lacks the necessary mechanisms or guardrails critical to conducting objective scientific inquiry. The bottom line is that none of the “experts” and none of the “local doctors” who are telling people the vaccines are safe and effective have any idea of the actual technical underlying science. This means that they cannot possibly provide any scientific insight, credibility, or authority regarding the vaccines.

For the entire article click here.

By |May 4, 2023|

Brave New World: Intersection of Politics, Medicine and Biblical Theology

Taken at the 2023 Faith & Medicine Conference, this panel discussion is the sequel to the 2022 panel discussion “How Shall We Then Live?” With the increasing threats of woke pseudo-Science and civil government intrusions that deny creation and God’s design for the human body, how ought a Christian to think and respond? How do you live for truth in a culture rebelling against God’s reality and dominated by lies and corruption? “What saith the Scripture?”

The panelists include noted lecturers and authors who will address the Christian’s view of health and ethics in healthcare. This session seeks to provide practical ideas for protecting your family family and promoting just policy between the civil government and the healthcare industry. We
will address the science and ethics in conflict over new policies being pushed for euthanasia, medical mandates & lockdowns, transgender changes, and more. It features a collection medical personnel, activists, theologians, and community organizers: Dr. Heidi Klessig, Martin Selbrede, Ricardo Davis, Dr. Joe Morecraft, and GRA NFRA Director Nathaniel Darnell.

Brave New World…

By |March 27, 2023|

False Prophet in Modern Time: Biologos and Frances Collins by Al Mohler

Virtually every form of theological liberalism arises from an attempt to rescue Christian theology from what is perceived to be an intellectual embarrassment — whether the virgin conception of Christ, the historicity of the miracles recorded in the Bible, or, in our immediate context, the inerrancy of Scripture and the Bible’s account of creation.

BioLogos is a movement that asserts theological arguments in the public square in order to convince evangelical Christians to accept their proposals. They now have the audacity to ask for a pass from theological responsibility. That is the one thing they may not have.

The Biologos Conundrum


By |March 14, 2023|
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